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Startup Investor School is a free, 4-day course designed to educate early stage investors interested in investing in startups. We'll cover the fundamentals of investing, from investing instruments to legal and accounting basics to evaluating startups and managing deal flow. Our hope is that more people, from a wide range of backgrounds will consider investing in startups and that those who do will be better at it.

The course will run from March 5th, 2018 through March 8th, 2018. The course will be offered live online and in-person in Mountain View. All of the course content, including the curriculum, lectures and other resources will be made available to the public once the course ends.

All accredited investors who complete the program will be given access to the Y Combinator Winter 2018 Demo Day livestream, and there will also be a limited number of spots available to attend the the Demo Day in person for investors who complete the course in person.

Applications are now open!

The program is open to all investors. Accredited investors will get the chance to participate in the next YC Demo Day (Accreditation is based upon SEC rules found here. You will be required to formally attest to your accreditation.). We will let you know by March 2, 2018, PST, if you were accepted into Startup Investor School.

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Registration will close by midnight on February 28th, 2018 Pacific Time.

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