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About Y Combinator Investor School

Our goals

Throughout the course, we aim to accomplish the following:

  1. Familiarize investors who wish to invest in seed with everything they need to know to be successful.
  2. Teach how to find deal flow.
  3. Describe the mechanics of investing in seed startups via convertibles and equity.
  4. Explain investors how to evaluate early stage startup companies and founders.
Course Format


The lectures will be taught by a combination of YC partners and a great group of entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Day 1: Introduction followed by The Why and How of Angel Investing
Geoff Ralston and Sam Altman

Day 1: Investing Fundamentals
Kirsty Nathoo and Carolynn Levy

Day 2: Founder Meetings
Dalton Caldwell

Day 2: Everything I know about picking startups
Paul Buchheit

Day 2: Overtime with Michael Seibel
Michael Seibel

Day 3: Angelic Advice Part I
Elad Gil and Pejman Nozad

Day 3: Angelic Advice Part II
Jeff Clavier and Andrea Zurek

Day 3: Overtime with Ali Partovi
Ali Partovi

Day 4: Early Stage Investing: Past Present and Future
Andy Bromberg

Day 4: How to be a Good Investor
Aaron Harris

Day 4: Overtime with Ron Conway
Ron Conway

Day 4: Closing Thoughts
Geoff Ralston


Investor School

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